Macedonian hockey colony in Greece


Ice hockey is not yet sufficiently developed in Macedonia, so these athletes have to seek their luck outside the borders of our country. What is interesting is that our hockey colony is being created in Greece, if you know that three Macedonians are already playing for this team: Stefan Deckovski, Ivica Taskov and Zorancho Girovski, who are part of the Iraklis team, on whose bench sits the Macedonian expert Vasko Shishkov.

Since Greece also does not have a sufficient number of teams to form a hockey league, the Iraklis team competes in the Bulgarian championship. In the last two matches, Iraklis suffered two defeats, 8-0 and 4-1, and the scorer of the only goal for this team was exactly our hockey player Deckovski.

“I was part of the Iraklis team last year as well, the club’s bosses were satisfied with me and offered me to stay this season as well. I feel great in Greece, regardless of the relations between the two countries, I don’t feel any pressure here, the guys are great and we are working hard to record better results” – declares Deckovski.

The Macedonian line-up in this team should be increased with the involvement of two new hockey players, Gjorgi Grchev and Risto Ainovski, who have been announced as great reinforcements in the attempts of Iraklis to get out of the result crisis.

“It is good that a large number of our hockey players will play for the same team, it will help us to play as well as possible. We know that there are announcements about a team-representation in Macedonia and I hope that it will come true soon, but on the other hand, at the moment we don’t even have an ice rink to train properly. I hope that all the conditions for normal training will be met, which is the first prerequisite for creating a strong team” – commented Deckovski.

Published by Nova Makedonija. November 17, 2011