Macedonian hockey players on their own expense travel to tournament in Sofia


Macedonian hockey players disappointed with the situation in terms of hockey in our country, decided to apply for the first amateur hockey tournament in Bulgaria organized by the Ice Devils Club in Sofia. And they traveled on their own expense

“We organize ourselves, from transportation to accommodation, we saw advertisements and applied, we just like to play on real ice and competitions with real competitive character. We’ve been training off-ice all year, but we haven’t seen ice and an opponent. The players themselves bear the costs of this tournament. We have a minimum cost of 50 euros per player, unfortunately not everyone is able to pay to play hockey, so few of our talents stay home. The first amateur tournament takes place at the Slavia Club’s rink from March 1st to March 3rd, with five teams competing. One from Poland, our “Lions” and the rest from Bulgaria, ie clubs from Sofia. The Lions have their first match against Dinamo Sofia at 12.15pm on Saturday.

For the Lions will also play hockey players from Bulgaria and Turkey, Zoranco Girovski, one of the most experienced Macedonian hockey players, told EKIPA.

When it comes to the restoration of hockey in Macedonia, let’s say that this year, although it was announced that the rink in SC Boris Trajkovski will get natural ice, not synthetics, however, the hockey players were left without the only ice rink that during the the winter period worked, the one of Kale now refurbished for futsal.

Last year, our only national team played several international friendly matches with the teams of Bosnia (BiH), Iraklis (Greece) and several clubs from neighboring Bulgaria, who for a moment returned hope to the Macedonian fans in this sport.