Skating Federation of Macedonia will reactivate old ice arena in Skopje


The popular old skating rink below the fortess ‘Kale’ in Macedonia’s capital Skopje, will be operated in future by the Skating Federation of Macedonia for the next 30 years. In a press release, the Federation announced, that a long-term lease agreement has been signed in the premises of the Public Enterprise for Sports Facilities Management.

According to the statement the agreement was signed by the director of the PE for sport facilities management, Spendi Hajredini and Cvetanka Makarovski, president of the Skating Federation of Macedonia.

With this deal, as pointed out by the Skating Federation of Macedonia, the skating rink Kale, which has been left on the tooth for years, will serve in the future athletes, recreationalists and all skating lovers.

Finally, our commitment to a better tomorrow for skaters and athletes today is a reality. I would like to extend my deep gratitude to the Prime Minister’s Sports and Youth Advisors, Daniel Dimevski and Gjorgi Tasev, who gave their maximum support and recognized our vision and jointly with Director Hajredin gave us this facility to operate. We will do everything we can to make sure that the skating rink starts operating by the end of the year, to enable our athletes and athletes to continue their training season, as well as to encourage citizens and young people to skate recreationally“, Makarovski said.

Director Hajredin emphasized that restoring facilities for the use by national sports federations is crucial to enable greater development and affirmation of skating and thus to fulfill the Government’s commitment – to return the facilities to athletes and citizens.

The common vision and commitment of government officials and sports workers is that putting the rink in place will create conditions for greater development and diversification of the sport, and the federation will continue to work in the interest of the athletes. At the same time, the Federation was awarded a sports voucher which will be used for promotion and promotion of the work of the Skating Federation.